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Super Combo Huben K1 Special Edition

Featuring the Hush suppressor, Picatinny rail with bipod, and hard case (the full K1 kit), we've also added some filling gear and scope that we believe works perfectly with the Huben.

The pEaZy with 500cc bottle will help you keep shooting without needing to stop the fun and go back for a refill . The handpump is what will get you to fill all that extra volume.

Another big feature: 20 tins of Zan slugs, the 28gr in .219 for the .22 K1 and the 38gr in .253 for the .25 version. How about that? Start shooting with top performing ammo out of the box! And in case you want to use it from the bench, there's the bag rider too...
  • Huben K1 · Special Edition Cal .22 (5.5 mm) or .25 (6.35 mm)
  • Vector Optics · Taurus 5-30x56 FFP with Picatinny rings
  • Hush suppressor with adapter for K1
  • Hard case
  • Handpump
  • Rail for bipod
  • x20 boxes of Zan Projectiles Slugs Cal .219 | 28gr/1.81g or .253 | 38gr/2.46g (depending on the caliber chosen)
  • Shooting bag
  • pEaZy with 470cc carbon fiber bottle