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Huben Tuning Service for K1


**Only Available for European Union**

As any mechanical device, extended use takes a toll on the different parts that make up the K1, and, eventually, it might start showing some symptoms that a good service is in order. Anything from worn-out O-rings, weakened springs, or more complex issues such as regulator creeping or leaks, we offer a service that would do away with any of these issues. And there is also place for a little extra, in case you're interested in a deeper dive into the airguns service and updates.


2019 and 2020
Due to the complexity of finding the part spares, and usually require changing multiple parts, with many man hours to complete the service of each airgun.
4-8 weeks
2020 and 2021
Gold or Platinum
Should hire at least the Gold service, for the same reason, only less so than the older models.
3-6 weeks
2022 to today
Silver, Gold or Platinum
Silver service is only available for 2022-2024 K1s.
2-4 weeks


Huben Airguns Shop will inspect the K1 upon arrival and determine whether the selected service is correct according to the year of manufacture. Should it not match our requirements, the customer will be informed about the price difference and decide whether to proceed or not. 

All airguns should be sent without any scope mounted on them, without ammunition nor any air in them. It is desired for them to be sent in their original box, any other box/case might be subject to an extra cost, depending on the volume. We advise forwarning us so that we can evaluate each case.


Huben Service Silver Gold Platinum
 Shipping costs
(pick up and delivery)
O-ring replacement* X X X
Regulator tuning/cleaning X X X
Fine tuning X X X
Full disassembly for
individual part cleaning
Complete springs replacement X X
Regulator replacement X
Accuracy test X
Tuning to specific requirements X
Upgrade for new parts
(if necessary)


 *NOTE: Internal mechanism block O-rings are not replaced. All the rest are