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Predator Polymag Pellets · Cal .30 (7.62mm) · Weight: 2.90g (44.75gr)


IMPORTANT: Polymag pellets in .30 caliber do not fit inside a magazine. They are meant to be loaded directly into the chamber. Airguns that fire directly from the magazine cannot use these pellets.

These pellets are not compatible with the Leshiy 2 (they are too long to fit in the magazine of the Leshiy 2)

Caliber: .30 (7.62mm)
2.90grams (44.75grains)
Number of pellets per tin: 100
Length of the pellet:
13mm (0.51")

The pellet consists of two parts: hollow point lead pellets with inserted Polymer tip. The high precision of all the parts and perfect assembly assure the shooter that he will never miss the target.

The patented Predator Polymag is a premium quality hunting pellet that combines a hollow head with a sharp polymer tip for unsurpassed performance on small game. Whether ridding your garden of unwanted pests or stalking your favorite hardwoods in search of squirrels, experience excellent accuracy and efficiency when hunting with Predator Polymags.

The Predator PolymagTM (polymer tip pellet) was designed specifically to be the most effective and efficient airgun hunting ammunition available.