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Zan Projectiles · Lead Free Slugs Cal .22 | 15gr/0.97g


Zan Projectiles specializes in making high-quality slugs tailored for extreme accuracy. 

Shooting on wetlands or other places where lead is forbidden is now possible, with lead-free slugs.

Made for shooting short to medium ranges. Increased velocity up to 25% over lead.

Because of the harder material, penetration is 100% more than lead ones.

For good accuracy use a slug barrel with faster twist rates, lead-free slugs need more spin.

Suitable for PCP air rifles only.

Caliber: .22 (5.58mm)
Weight: 0.97 grams (15 grains)
Length: 7.4 mm (2.91") 
Number of slugs per box: 100 lead-free slugs