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Huben K1 · Cal .25 (6.35 mm)

    1. We ship worldwide from our warehouse in the European Union.
    2. If you are in the European Union or the USA, you will receive it at your door without any paperwork.
    3. We ship to the UK with DDP Service (Delivery Duty Paid) for all orders! You will receive it at your door.
    4. If you are not in the European Union, the UK, or the USA, we can still ship to you, but you are responsible for the paperwork and customs duties of your country (if required).
    5. You can contact us at info@hubenairguns.shop.
    1. The Huben K1 is, without doubt, the most powerful semi-automatic bullpup on the market. A marvel of engineering and technology, its patented hammerless platform makes the K1 very different from any other PCP. It is able to achieve a very high rate of fire making the most out of its high capacity 17/19 round mag. The hammerless system is 100% mechanical and provides numerous advantages: high efficiency, zero vibrations, accuracy, and a wide variable power range.
    2. The Huben K1 was originally designed to shoot accurately at extreme power levels, with long range shooting and hunting in mind. However, the last version of the K1 has become a more flexible design, becoming an accurate gun at any power level. SUB-MOA at 100 meters
    3. Huben K1’s parts have always been made with top quality materials; nonetheless, since 2020 we have pushed our quality control to more demanding standards, guaranteeing excellent results.
    4. The Huben K1 features a very ergonomic black stock made of hardy synthetic material able to withstand most extreme situations and environments (extreme temperatures, water, scratches, etc...)
  • Hammerless mechanism PCP air gun
    1. Cocking system: Semi automatic
    2. Weight: 3.4KG
    3. Overall length: 830mm
    4. Caliber: .25/6.35mm
    5. Power: We ensure that all airguns are set to the appropriate power level for the country they are being sent to (7, 10, 16, 20, 24 Joules, or FAC).
    6. Trigger: Two-stage mechanical release adjustable for length of stage
    7. Trigger Pull: 1.6KG (3.5LBS)
    8. Cylinder Capacity: 300cc
    9. Fill Pressure: Max 35 MPA (5000PSI)
    10. Working pressure: Regulated from 12-22 MPA (1700-3200PSI) adjustable
    11. Safety: Manual
    12. Magazine: .25/6.35mm 17-pellet rotary
    13. Velocity fluctuation: < 3M/S
    1. HUBEN K1 Cal .25
    2. Both Gauges included
    3. Fill Probe
    4. Two Allen Keys PRO QUALITY (5mm and 2mm)
    5. Power Wheel (It takes 1 minute to install it)
    6. Complete SET of O-Rings
    7. Spare Springs
    8. Rail and Bipod (optional)
    9. Suppressor and Adapter (optional)
    10. User Manual

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