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Huben Wolfiek K1 Lite · Carbon Fiber · Cal .25 (6.35 mm)


This product requires a preparation time of 7 to 14 days

  • HUBEN AIRGUNS SHOP (Huben Official RETAILER) is owned and operated by Wolfiek Group. This new Carbon Fiber stock was redesigned and manufactured by Wolfiek Group.

    We embarked on redesigning the original stock, producing a new, high-quality carbon fiber stock made in the Czech Republic, obtaining superior ergonomics and an impressive weight reduction.

    This is the latest evolution in stocks for the Huben K1. As it is customary for us, we are constantly looking for ways to increase the K1s performance and characteristics.

    The new K1 Lite is a K1 with a different, redesigned carbon fiber stock that is also incredibly lighter, a whopping 600 grams less! It also features a QD for your favorite sling. 

    This stock reduces the K1’s total weight by 600 grams. Making it a 2.7 KG airgun, this turns the K1 into the lightest and most powerful bullpup (in .22 and .25) under 3 KG on the market. A big plus: it is a real Accurate SEMI-AUTO Airgun!

    Another advantage is that with this stock the center of mass moves (slightly) forward which overall improves the balance and feel of the airgun. Adding to that last point, the stock has also had its shape slightly modified, making it both more ergonomic and more aggressive in its appearance.

  • Hammerless mechanism PCP air gun
    1. Cocking system: Semi automatic
    2. Weight: 2.7KG (~100g)
    3. Overall length: 830mm
    4. Caliber:
    5. Power: We ensure that all airguns are set to the appropriate power level for the country they are being sent to (7, 10, 16, 20, 24 Joules, or FAC)
    6. Trigger: Two-stage mechanical release adjustable for length of stage
    7. Trigger Pull: 1.6KG (3.5LBS)

    8. Cylinder Capacity: 300cc
    9. Fill Pressure: Max 35 MPA(5000PSI)
    10. Working pressure: Regulated from 12-22 MPA (1700-3200PSI) adjustable
    11. Safety: Manual
    12. Magazine: .22/5.5mm, 19-pellet rotary

    13. Velocity fluctuation: < 3M/S
  • The Huben Wolfiek K1 Lite includes:
    1. HUBEN K1 Cal .25
    2. Redesigned Carbon Fiber Stock
    3. QD swivel mount for sling
    4. Carbon Fiber shroud
    5. Both Gauges included
    6. Fill Probe
    7. Two Allen Keys PRO QUALITY (5mm and 2mm)
    8. Power Wheel (It takes 1 minute to install it)
    9. Complete SET of O-Rings
    10. Spare Springs
    11. User Manual 
    12. Weaver Rail and bipod (optional)
    13. Adapter and extra suppressor (optional)
    14. Semi-Rigid Case (optional)


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