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Terms and Conditions - Giveaway IWA 2023

1. ORGANIZER: These rules and conditions govern the promotion "Win a Huben Wolfiek K1 lite – carbon fiber" and is organized by Wolfiek Group (hereinafter "the organizer"), with address at Calle Pallars 101, City of Barcelona, Spain.

2. ACCEPTANCE OF THE RULES: Those who participate in the promotion, by their mere participation, declare to know and accept each and every one of the terms described in these rules.

These terms may be modified by the organizer, without implying altering the essence of the promotion or affecting rights acquired by the participants. Said modifications will be published in the same medium as these bases, the acceptance previously provided by the participant not being altered.

3. SCOPE AND VALIDITY: The promotion is valid geographically throughout the world with the exception of Russia and China, since we cannot ship to those countries. Its validity begins on February 1, 2023 at 12:00 a.m. and ends on March 4 at 11:59 p.m.

4. PARTICIPATION: All persons over EIGHTEEN (18) years of age, residing in the aforementioned locations, may participate in the promotion. With the purchase of a carbine and/or a t-shirt they automatically become participants in the raffle.


The invitation to participate is made by sending a communication by email and/or publishing the promotion on the websites www.hubenairguns.shop and www.wolfiekgroup.com, and/or social networks of the Huben Airguns Shop and Wolfiek Group .

Whoever buys a carbine and/or t-shirt becomes a participant. Each purchase of one of the participating products gives access to a number for the raffle (If you buy 3 carbines and 1 shirt you will receive 4 numbers). Once they buy they will receive an email in the following 7 days, with the number(s) that have been assigned for the raffle. You cannot choose the number, it is the organizer that will randomly determine the number for each participant, the day the purchase is made. There are 200 vacant numbers. Each number represents a 0.5% chance of winning, if you have more numbers your chances increase.

*Those who participated in the raffle held on January 6, 2023, have the right to participate in this new draw with the same number they had.

6. WINNER SELECTION: On March 5 at 2:00 p.m., at the IWA fair (Nuremberg, Germany) live from our stand (it will be transmitted by IG live), in the presence of the public who wants to witness it and through a random selection computer application, the winner will be chosen. The prize will be sent to the winner during the following 7 days.

7. PRIZE: The prize will consist of the delivery of a Huben K1 lite carbine, with a carbon fiber stock, caliber .22 (latest release from Huben Airguns Shop), which also includes a moderator and a harness.

The prize will be sent to the declared address of the winner. Shipping will be coordinated once the draw is done.

The Prize cannot be exchanged for money or for any other product. All costs derived from sending the prize are the responsibility of the organizer.

8. RESPONSIBILITY: The organizer will not be responsible if the data of the participants has been erroneously entered. In the same way, the organizer will not be responsible for any claim of any kind made by third parties that claim any intellectual property right or of any nature related to this campaign.

The organizer will not be responsible for possible delays that the shipment by UPS may have.

9. AUTHORIZATION: The participants in this campaign expressly authorize the organizer to disseminate -by the same means in which the contest was publicized- the winner's country of residence, which will be communicated to all our clients.


The organizer, without this generating any burden, obligation and/or responsibility, may: a) Modify these bases and conditions, simply publishing the changes on the web pages www.hubenairguns.shop and www.wolfiekgroup.com to consider notified to the potential participants and potential winner b) Extend each of the validity periods and dates set before the end of the registration period provided in these rules and conditions, c) Request the participants and/or potential winner, at any time before the end of the promotion, that they verify their data and/or corroborate and/or rectify them.