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Cal .177 (4.5mm) · Custom GK1 Regulated (V3R) · Pre-order




V3R = Original GK1 V3 Pistol + Regulator KIT (developed by Wolfiek Group) installed. It's important to note that these additional components, though not from Huben, are specifically selected to work perfectly well with the GK1 V3.

The GK1 is the World’s most powerful pistol in its class - period. This is achieved thanks to the unique K1 action that provides both high energy and efficiency - it is basically a K1 taken to the pistol format. There is one caveat - the GK1, originally for practical purposes, is an unregulated airgun. This also helps to bring it to unheard of power levels, at it extremes it even approaches the K1’s performance. And, for an unregulated airgun, its consistency is very good.

Now we are proud to introduce to you the REGULATED GK1 - the Huben air pistol with all the benefits of the K1’s action and having a regulator! This variant is a Wolfiek Group development, done with Huben’s agreement. This will immediately translate into consistency and efficiency. This regulated version, just like the unregulated one, is also adjustable, meaning you can go from very high power levels to very low ones, by using both the regulator and the power wheel. This features is particularly useful for countries where there are energy restrictions - you will now take it safely to the power limits and have it perform even better. 

This regulated GK1 is a V3, so this new feature now allows the V3 to dip its power safely below 6FPE, making the V3 GK1 an ideal option for 6FPE (e.g. the UK) and the 7.5 Joules market!

The only difference with the V3 is the regulator kit, which includes the regulator, the forward manometer and fill port (like in the K1), and the plug/adapter for the reservoir. The reservoir itself is the same, and you can change any V3 into a V3R with the regulator kit. If you want to get the kit separately, find it here.

NOTE: the Regulated GK1 is not compatible with the Hush suppressor


Huben GK1