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Cal .25 (6.35mm) · Huben Pistol GK1 (V1)



  • This model has been discontinued, meaning it will no longer be produced. The current equivalent model is the V3. To purchase it, click here.

  • Inspired by Gregor Kamenšek's world-famous Huben modification, which has garnered the interest of so many of you, Huben itself took the hint and got its hands on developing the revolutionary K1 Pistol - now the GK1.

    The GK1 pistol is a unique format in the World of airguns, taking the action of the K1 - which provides extreme power in semi-auto and features a very large magazine capacity- to pistol size. Weighing just 1.2 kg and having a total length of just 325mm, the GK1 features adjustable power, iron sights, and also a dovetail rail for optics. This pistol is unmatched both in terms of power and accuracy, being capable of performing at ranges previously unheard of for air pistols.

    The GK1 has added a new caliber to Huben airguns, now available not only in .22 and .25 but also in .177. The pistol format lends itself very well to this caliber, being particularly useful for those who have to endure energy restrictions.

    The GK1 can be fitted with a 1/2-20 UNF adaptor, allowing you to put a suppressor on it and tame the sound of this high-performing pistol and make it more practical to use in most environments. 

    Following the style of the Special Edition K1, Huben has furnished the GK1 with an ergonomic walnut grip. A super lightweight hard case, which is very practical for storing and carrying around your GK1, is also included.

  • The V1 GK1 is no longer being produced, being the first serial production variant of the GK1 pistol. Therefore, only a handful of units are left, making them more special GK1s, hence the higher price for them. If you're interested in getting the first edition of this groundbreaking design, hurry up!


  • .177″ (4.5mm) .22″ (5.5mm) .25″ (6.35mm)
    Barrel 210mm
    Thread for suppressor Capability to fit a 1/2-20 UNF adapter.
    Max 300m/s (with 13 grains pellets)
    Max 310m/s (with 18 grains pellets)
    Max 270m/s (with 25 grains pellets)
    Power* Adjustable
    6 - 39J
    6 - 55J
    6 - 60J
    Safety Yes
    Max 35MPa
    Non-removable, Auto Rotate


    19 shots 19 shots 17 shots
    Powerplant Pre-charged pneumatic
    Scopeable 11mm dovetail rail
    Grip Walnut
    Adjustable for elevation
    Adjustable for windage
    per Fill
    --- 45 shots ( pellet - 1.175g, velocity - 230m/s, pressure - down from 30MPa to 10 MPa)
    Dimension 325x160x50mm
    Weight 1.2kg

    • Huben GK1 V1
    • 1/2-20 UNF adapter
    • Shadow Suppressor
    • Super-light hard case
    • Fill Probe
    • Two Allen Keys PRO QUALITY (5mm and 2mm).
    • Complete SET of O-rings.
    • Spare Springs.
    • Papers

*We ensure that all airguns are set to the appropriate power level for the country they are being sent to (7, 10, 16, 20, 24 Joules, or FAC).
Make sure to act fast and order the GK1 today. The GK1 was in high demand even before it came out, now that its out and it is showing how it performs, the demand has grown exponentially!