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Huben Shadow Suppressor


The Shadow suppressor is Huben’s proprietary suppressor, the best option to suppress any Huben airgun - be it the K1 in any variant, or the GK1 as well. Very lightweight and compact, the Shadow is a high quality suppressor which introduces Huben’s efficiency in the terrain of moderators. Having been designed for Huben's needs, the Shadow won't obstruct your sight picture when used with the GK1.
The Shadow is the perfect match for your Hubens, and also for any other airgun with a 1/2-20 UNF thread!

This suppressor is compatible with all the calibers available for Huben: .177 (4,5mm), .22 (5,5mm) and .25 (6,35mm)

Length: 132mm

Diameter: 26mm