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The perfect Huben SET


This product requires a preparation time of 7 to 14 days

If there is an ultimate Huben kit, this is it: rifle and sidearm, the K1 Lite and the GK1.

Pack this heavy firepower combo with the carbon fiber version of the K1 - the lightest K1 out there, packing all the energy, accuracy and long range potential that this platform offers, and the GK1 which… well, pretty much does the same.

This pistol, simply put, has rifle performance. The K1 Lite also features the rail and bipod for stable shooting, and the suppressor adapter for you to mount your prefered moderator with 1/2-20 UNF thread.

The GK1 comes with adapter AND the suppressor as well, taming this pistol’s bark, which, given the energy it has, is considerable! Simply put, this combo puts together the best semi auto long airgun and the best air pistol out there.