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Bipod F-Class F1 3,5-8" LOCK system (WEAVER)

The high-quality and extremely accurate workshop-processed bipod F-Class F1 LOCK (WEAVER) is the best choice for every long range shooter.

The F-Class F1 LOCK bipod differs from the standard F-Class F1 bipod by the LOCK system. This will prevent the bipod from being released from the weaver. This can occur due to a small tightening of the locking lever or its accidental catching on the bearing belt, branch, clothing, etc.

Bipod F-Class F1 LOCK is made of high-quality air duralumin and the overall product processing is at very high level. Individual parts are milled on modern CNC machines, ensuring maximum accuracy and production quality.

Color: black

SKU: f1welock
EAN: 8594205283822