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Huben GK1 CF Carbine (V3)


The revolutionary GK1 has unlocked a new level both in terms of power and effective range that was only previously available to air rifles. At Wolfiek Group we took the next step and took the GK1 to compete directly with rifles by making the carbine version. Featuring a carbon fiber stock, this is the best option out there when dealing with fixed stocks for the GK1. Providing a stable, ergonomic, and extremely lightweight platform while being structurally resistant, the GK1 CF Carbine’s carbon fiber stock will now make longer range and/or more controlled shooting possible. The CF Carbine is meant to be used with optics, from red dots to LPVOs, or even full-sized scopes for longer-range shooting - we don’t judge, it’s up to you.

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Huben GK1