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EC-3000 evo - The Hill Electric Air Compressor Pump


The EC-3000 evo is the next step in terms of air compressor pumps, the evolution of air pumps thanks to extensive R&D and 182 years of experience by Ernest Hill Ltd. The results? A more reliable, durable compressor that has become much more user friendly.

New features:

  • Automatic air pressure purge: engaged whenever the compressor stops, such as when it enters a cooling cycle and when fill is paused or completed. It purges the air, including any moisture inside the unit, and, as importantly, removes the strain off the moto when restarting against very high pressures. Ideal for users with larger rifles and tanks.
  • New Shutter Valve, which is extremely durable and efficient
  • Digital pressures sensor and additional analog gauge, which are extremely accurate and remove altogether the need to recalibrate the compressor when it is serviced
  • Pressure range settings: 50 bar (755 psi) to 319 bar (4500 psi)
  • New electronic setup and new software
  1. Optional: Inline drying filter. This versatile filter delivers exceptional performance!