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Huben K1 Tuning Regulator By Huma-Air


Huma-Air Tuning Regulator Set For The Huben K1

This unique Huma-Air regulator with the special Huben K1 matte black anodized adapter is specially designed as a "one on one" replacement regulator for the Huben K1. For guaranteed consistent performance, this is the way to go.

Thanks to its ultra-compact build, more regulated air volume will be available. The regulator is vented to the atmosphere, so there is no creeping up in power in the long term.

This regulator will provide you with high accuracy thanks to the elimination of pellet speed fluctuations, and it also provides constant pellet speed over the full working pressure range. You will forget about creeping and other issues!
Fitting is just a matter of unscrewing the total factory regulator adapter and replacing it with the Huma-Air tuning regulator. Make sure the scale label of the regulator points towards the barrel end. That’s about it!

Huma Air regulators are made exclusively with high-end materials, and each regulator is individually assembled, tested in a computerized simulation program, and adjusted to the requested pressure.

Designed for a wide pressure range in the standard high-pressure range (HP: 90-175 bar output)

There are two options available, choose according to which Huben version you have between the “early K1” (pre-2021) or the current K1. If in doubt, check the thread size of your regulator. If both ends are of the same size, then you should order the pre 2021 version. If the threads are assymetric, then you should order the current version.