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Super Combo Huben Pistol GK1 (V3) + Handpump


    Introducing our special combo featuring the famous Huben GK1 with suppresor and adaptor + hand pump, so you can keep it fully charged at all times.

    The Huben GK1 Pistol stands out in the world of airguns, bringing the extreme power and high-capacity magazine of the K1 model into a smaller and more versatile format. Weighing only 1.2 kg and measuring 325 mm in length, the Huben GK1 features adjustable power settings, iron sights, and a dovetail rail for adding optics. Its unmatched power and precision enable performance at distances previously unimaginable for air pistols.

    The Hand Pump for PCP Airguns (350 BAR / 5000 PSI) operates at a pressure of 35 MPa. It offers highly efficient performance and is portable, making it an excellent companion for the GK1 Pistol. It includes an O-rings kit, silicone oil, a Foster female adaptor compatible with most fill probes on the market, along with specific fill probes for Huben models.

    This combo is now available in .22 and .25 calibers.

    Insaid The Box

    • Huben GK1
    • Super-light hard case
    • Fill Probe
    • Two Allen Keys PRO QUALITY (5mm and 2mm)
    • Complete SET of O-rings
    • Spare Springs
    • Huben Shadow Suppressor 
    • 1/2-20 UNF adapter
    • Papers
    • Handpump with accessories


    Huben GK1